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The creation of the book “My Candy” was inspired by the timeless spirit of childhood residing within adults. As we grow older, the candies that were once synonymous with our youth have been overshadowed by modern confections, causing the traditional favorites to lose their allure. Recognizing this void, there is a need to bridge the gap and reintroduce the beloved candies of the 90s to the adult population, evoking the same delightful experience reminiscent of our cherished childhoods.


Re-live your childhood by having the candies which were out of our reach due to our small hands and parents strict vigil.


We strive to add a new candy everyday on our portal and currently boast of having the majority of candies in stock which includes but not limited to Satmola, Chatmola, Sip Sip, Polo, Melody, Kismi etc.

Founded in 2023

Bookmycandy.com, the website dedicated to providing nostalgic candy hampers and related products, was officially launched in 2023. However, the team behind the website has been catering to clients and offering their delightful services since 2018. With their extensive experience in curating and delivering candy hampers, they have been satisfying customers’ cravings for nostalgic treats for several years prior to the website’s launch.

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